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Soundcast dicht tijdens December Dance

Soundcast dicht tijdens December Dance

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any attempt will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones
van Jan Martens / GRIP & Dance On Ensemble

We walk in the same direction
I follow you because you follow someone
Because someone follows me
Because it’s what we’ve always done 

I trade my gray for red
Because we all do
They didn’t give me a choice
Otherwise it just hangs there 

Stuck to lines we glide
Under flickering lights
In front of asking eyes
Until it gets dark

— Fae Felis, Soundcast +

Gedicht bij de voorstelling
van Christian Rizzo / ICI-CCN Montpellier

The water we call ‘sea’,
her breath a salty breeze.
I try to bend with her. 

Waiting at the shoreline,
Pointless grasping at what waves take.
Shimmering shine on the surface.

Never truly honest.
Never truly transparent.
What stays behind when she pulls away?

— Fae Felis, Soundcast +

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