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Concertgebouw Brugge sluit voor onbepaalde tijd de deuren voor het publiek. vaakgestelde vragen

Annunciation (2014)

Pavel Büchler

Annunciation (2014)
Trappenhal even zijde

After the festival Brugge Centraal 2010, Czech artist Pavel Büchler donated his sound installation Annunciation to the city of Bruges. This installation consists of a series of loudspeakers that originally came from Prague’s Strahov Stadium, a huge stadium complex used for grand sports displays during Czechoslovakia’s communist era. Those loudspeakers are now housed in our stairwell, at the Balcony 2 level, next to Luc Tuymans’ Angel.The installation plays a buzzing sound, which can evoke the hum of insects or the cheering of a crowd. It is simultaneously a reference to the feelings that music and dance can arouse.

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