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Angel (2012)

Luc Tuymans

Angel (2012) (schilderkunst)
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To mark the Concertgebouw’s tenth anniversary, artist Luc Tuymans created a giant mural, Angel, which incorporates elements of the city of Bruges. It is based on a painting Tuymans made in 1992, which depicts the angel Tuymans’ mother placed under the Christmas tree every year.

The Angel Series #1 /Toshio Hosokawa (Japan), 2014    

As part of his Domain in October 2014, Japanese composer Toshio Hosokawa setted the ball rolling with a work for soprano and harp.

The Angels Series #2 / Vykintas Baltakas (Litouwen), 2015

Vykintas Baltakas composed a work specially for the Angel Room, within the context of SURROUND!

The Angel Series #3 / Annelies Van Parys (België), 2016

Belgium’s Annelies Van Parys has composed a work, especially for the Angel Room.

The Angel Series #4 / Wim Henderickx (België), 2017      

It was the opposition of the Concertgebouw’s raw concrete and the finesse of Tuymans’s exquisite fresco that inspired Wim Henderickx. His creation – born within the BEAT IT! Festival – opens up a new musical cycle for which the composer takes places with a special dynamic as the point of departure.       

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