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Timeline 'The history of sound art' (2021)


NU architectuuratelier & kab. Mathilde Geens

Timeline The history of sound art (2021)
Sound Factory — Forum 5

On the long wall of our Sound Factory you can delve into the history of sound art, from 1900 to the present day. A timeline with 13 highlights gives visitors an insight into the evolution of this exceptional art form. The origins and development of sound art are intertwined with the evolution and historical context of other art forms. A selection of visual works shows how these art forms inspire and influence each other and how they collaborate. Recurrent themes, such as the liberation of art, the discovery of new technology, conceptual thinking, spatialisation and participation, are important pillars of all art forms and are clearly discernible. The ensemble of audio excerpts, texts, quotes and images is playfully and expressively structured in an installation with illustrations, stretched thread and pearls. This timeline is not simply an overview; above all it is tool that offers insight into the evolution of sound art.

concept and design: NU architectuuratelier & kab. Mathilde Geens
with thanks to: Dirk Pültau, Joost Fonteyne and Eveline Heylen
audio guide: Marthy Locht

thanks to the players of Nationale Loterij