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Budapest Festival 2019

Budapest Festival 2019

Romantic symphonies

The orchestral musician of the 21st century is perfectly at home in a wide variety of styles. That is why Iván Fischer presents his musicians with composers as diverse as Mozart, Rossini, Bartók and Mahler. Time after time this Budapest-based orchestra surprises us with its stylistic sincerity. In this mini-festival the orchestra smoothly traverses the course laid out for it by Schubert, Rossini and Bruckner. Eminence grise Emanuel Ax presents his response in Mozart. The intention? To bring the beauty of classical music to all ages and to all levels of society, to bring people closer together. And that coincides very nicely with the mission of the Concertgebouw!


  • cat. 3:  € 72
  • cat. 2: € 116
  • cat. 1: € 152