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Expo Anthony Gerace  

Born in Canada, Anthony Gerace has been working as a photographer and artist in London since 2012. His main focus is on collages, portraits and landscapes and he is fascinated by transience and the effect of time on objects and experiences. Anthony Gerace photographed eight people from the Concertgebouw community – artists, staff and audience – and then adapted and edited those photos on vintage paper. 


Expo Joost Vandebrug

In Cinci Lei, Joost Vandebrug presents a raw and honest picture of life on and beneath the streets of Bucharest. For six years he followed the lives of youngster Nicu and his gang of homeless friends and captured their hidden world in a series of photos. 



Expo Greetings from Molenbeek

Greetings from Molenbeek gives us an insight into the visual work of the December Dance curators. At the request of the curators, special guest William Forsythe will provide a unique intervention in the Poortersloge (Burgher's Lodge), the most remarkable building on the Jan van Eyckplein.



Expo Philip Vandenberghe - Silent spaces / Stolen thoughts

Philip Vandenberghe is a photographer and writer. In Concertgebouw Brugge, he presents two complementary but different photo series. In Silent spaces he searches for empty, abandoned places in Chinese mega cities. In Stolen thoughts, he works with photos that seems to be stills from a feature film. He then gives those images a subtitle that sends the imagination off in all directions.

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