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The Concertgebouw sees your health as the highest priority. Follow the latest developments on our website. read more


Concertgebouw visit

Is the Concertgebouw Circuit open?
The Concertgebouw Circuit is open. Read more

Is the Concertgebouw Café open?
The Concertgebouw Café is open.

What hygienic precautions does the Concertgebouw generally take?
We guarantee you a safe and enjoyable exploration of the Concertgebouw. Thanks to additional hygienic precautions, extra stickers and adapted public flows, your tour – including a relaxing visit to our Concertgebouw café with its terrace on 't Zand – will be entirely in accordance with the imposed measures. read more

Season 20-21

When do ticket sales for the new season start?


Ticket sales for performances in November and onward will begin at a later date. We will inform you of the start of sales via our newsletter (register at the bottom of this page), this website and our social media pages.
You can always find the most up-to-date information on this page.

Will the currently planned season be seen in its entirety from September?
We are sadly aware that it may not be possible for our autumn programming to go ahead in its entirety, or in the usual circumstances. Our first concern is the safety of our audience, but we also have to consider our artists: Can we guarantee them adequate safety on stage? Can international artists get to Bruges? Have companies been able to organise their rehearsals as planned? Have their schedules been affected? Are they ready to perform? It goes without saying that we will keep you closely informed in our newsletters, on our website and via the social media. If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter, you can do so at the bottom of this page.

Can we observe the one-and-a-half-metre rule when we tour the Concertgebouw or attend a performance (when that is allowed)?
We will only be opening our doors when we can guarantee the safety of our visitors. There will be a clear inflow and outflow plan that avoids crossflow and ensures that all of our visitors are always able to maintain a safe distance. 

Will there be fewer people in the halls from September (or when performances are permitted)?
At present we have no certainty about the organisation of performances after August 31. We are therefore working out various scenarios. If the one-and-a-half-metre-distance rule has to be maintained, we will reduce the capacity of the hall (and the stage) and apply strict controls. As soon as we have more clarity about the new guidelines and about the Concertgebouw’s adherence to these guidelines, we will inform you clearly and extensively.

What if I buy tickets and the performance is cancelled?
Before we start ticket sales, we are waiting until we have a better grasp of the new situation. Even then, things will probably remain uncertain, and it may be that a performance has to be cancelled at the last minute. We are currently working hard to ensure a smooth reimbursement process, which allows ticket buyers to request automatic reimbursement through their Concertgebouw website account. As an alternative to this, you will still be able to choose to donate the cost price of your tickets to our solidarity fund or to have that value converted into a voucher.

What about safety and social distancing on stage?
We will only organise performances when we can guarantee the safety of everyone concerned: from the audience and the front-of-house employees, to the artists and the backstage employees. If the one-and-a-half-metre rule is still in force at the start of our season, we will examine – per performance and per ensemble – whether that performance can continue as planned and which alternatives are possible. We will happily give you more information on this closer to the opening date.

Will we be able to have a drink in the foyer bars during the interval?
We are doing everything we can to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. If we are able to offer refreshments during the performance interval, whilst still strictly observing the regulations, we will do so. If it proves impossible to operate the bars in this way, their opening will be delayed until a later date. Your safety is paramount. Moreover, it is possible that the first concerts after our reopening will not actually have an interval. To reduce the flow of people, these concerts may be shortened and the interval cancelled.


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