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Logo Concertgebouw Brugge


New ticket system and app

Will my current tickets still be valid?
Of course! You don’t have to print new tickets. Your tickets will still be available in your mailbox and will appear in the app automatically when you log in.

I have already moved all my tickets for upcoming performances into my wallet. Will they still be valid?
Yes indeed. Although, you will find it more convenient to download the new Concertgebouw app and to collect all your tickets there.

What about vouchers?
You can still purchase and validate vouchers on the website.

What if I can’t or don't wish to use the app?
You will still receive your tickets in your mailbox. You can then present them to ticket control on your smartphone or on paper.

I am a Friend of the Concertgebouw. Is my membership still valid?
It goes without saying that we want to keep all of our Friends. We will inform you later about how you can become a Friend for the 2022-2023 season.

Safety Precautions

The presentation of a valid Covid Safe Ticket and face masks are no longer mandatory.

Concertgebouw visit

Is the Concertgebouw Circuit open?
The Concertgebouw Circuit is open during the weekends and school holidays.  

Is the Concertgebouw Café open?
Yes, the Concertgebouw Café is open.

Season 21-22

Tickets for the performances during season 21-22 can be bought at concertgebouw.be/en/programme