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Welcome back! Read in our FAQ how we welcome you warmly and safely!


Concertgebouw visit

Is the Concertgebouw Circuit open?
The Concertgebouw Circuit is open during the weekends and school holidays.  

Is the Concertgebouw Café open?
The terrace Concertgebouw Café is open!

Season 20-21

From 9 June onwards, you can once again enjoy the most beautiful live performances in the Concertgebouw. We look forward to welcoming you, with open arms and disinfected hands! Naturally, we respect the prescribed limit of a maximum of 200 people in our concert halls. From July onwards, this capacity is likely to be slightly increased. Welcome back!

are on sale on our website from Wed 26.05.2021

Discover our concerts in June and July here.

Safety Precautions

The prevention plan of Concertgebouw Brugge is always in tune with the most recent government measures.

It keeps the two most important parameters in mind: social distancing and hygiene. The measures taken are clearly indicated within the entire building.

  • Every visitor is required to disinfect his hands when entering the building.
  • Our cleaning team follows an extensive and sophisticated cleaning programme to combat the possible spread of the coronavirus as much as possible.
  • It goes without saying that hand gel is provided where necessary and frequently used surfaces (such as door handles) are disinfected regularly.
  • The ventilation in the building guarantees 100% fresh air.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory, also during performances.

What if I have bought tickets but am unable to attend the performance?

Purchased tickets will not be exchanged or refunded except in a few exceptional cases.

  • in case of cancellation of a performance (whether or not as a result of COVID-19)
  • In case of mandatory quarantine (certificate required).
  • in case of contamination by the coronavirus (doctor's certificate required), not in case of other illnesses
  • in case of unexpected, urgent hospitalisation (doctor's certificate required)
  • in case of death of the ticket buyer (death certificate required), not in case of death of a family member or relative

Season 21-22

The time is almost ripe for a brand-new season. We are launching season 21-22 festively and completely corona proof with an online season show from the Concertgebouw, which you can follow live (and for free) from your sofa on Monday, 14 June at 8 pm.

From Tuesday, 22 June at 9 a.m. tickets can be bought at concertgebouw.be

Follow the launch of the new season on 14 June here. Only in Dutch.


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