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Vibrating Soundscape (2018)

Jürgen De Blonde, Ward Delbeke and Atelier Motief

Vibrating Soundscape is an immersive listening installation, in which sound is not only audible but can also be felt. Thanks to its various free-moving surfaces – which vibrate according to the frequency and pitch of the sound source -  this chaise gives users an exceptional sensory experience. 

The chaise’s highly original form was developed using 3D technology. Its makers upholstered it with horsehair because this only minimally dampens the vibrations; it is also a fitting reference to the musical use of horsehair in bows. 

Vibrating Soundscape was commissio-ned as part of the special programming during our Masterpiece Week around Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. That work was composed when the master was already deaf and this inspired us to orga-nise a variety of projects with and for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Vibrating Soundscape was commissioned by Concertgebouw Brugge. It is a collaboration between sound artist Jürgen De Blonde (All Things Sound), furniture designer Ward Delbeke (draW) and the upholsterers of Atelier Motief.