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One week, two conferences

One week, two conferences

At the end of May, the Concertgebouw hosted two international conferences in one week. On 23 and 24 May, Interreg Europe, together with the Province of West Flanders, brought together around 300 companies and other stakeholders at the North Sea Conference. Scarcely a few days later, it was the turn of the International Association of Ambulant Surgery (IAAS for short) to explain the latest developments in the world of ambulatory care to 400 professionals from all corners of Europe.

During both conferences, our various spaces were used creatively.

  • The inspiring power of our Concert Hall, for instance, did its maximum work during a brainstorming session on stage.
  • Specially for the IAAS conference, Forum 6 was converted into a full-fledged conference room, complete with LED walls and translation booths.
  • A surgical procedure was simulated in Studio 1, and a live connection to China was established so that doctors there could also follow the session.
  • In the Foyers, the more than 700 delegates had the opportunity to exchange views with each other and with the partners and sponsors present. More than 20 info stands, info panels and sumptuous buffets from in-house caterer Deldycke alternated there.

Organising a conference is a complex process with an infinite number of focal points. Our event managers always keep the overview and form the link between all internal and external parties involved, ranging from technology and logistics to reception and catering. A supportive role that the organisers of the IAAS congress appreciated:

"The cooperation with the Concertgebouw was excellent, for which I thank you. Your team monitored everything very well, often anticipated very well, and they were also very involved and hands-on. That tastes like more..."

– Mark De Belie, Managing Partner Act-Wise

Are you considering Bruges as a venue for a conference? We will gladly show you the possibilities of our building during a site visit. Make your appointment here.
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