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Memorable day for Amazon Web Services

Memorable day for Amazon Web Services

Meeting at the Concertgebouw is more than a mere gathering. It is a succession of impactful moments, creating lasting memories.

This was once again proven on Tuesday 11 October. That was when the Belgian arm of Amazon Web Services, the software division of the web giant, organised a seminar for the entire Belgian team in the presence of some prominent foreign colleagues.

Seminar in the Chamber Music Hall

For most, it was a first visit to the Concertgebouw. Therefore, organiser Mike Strubbe, Manager Solutions Architecture at AWS, wanted to incorporate the building's unique characteristics into the day's programme as much as possible.

He offered the Concertgebouw the chance to officially kick off the seminar with a fascinating word on the architecture and, in particular, the extraordinary acoustics of the Chamber Music Hall, where the group would spend most of the day.

Musical interlude

It did not stop at those beautiful opening words. In the afternoon, they were followed up with a beautiful harp recital by Emma Wauters. And during the breaks in the Foyer, in addition to fresh coffee and sandwiches, everyone could enjoy the luminous design of the building. Many seminarians also took the opportunity to go and admire the works of art on the second balcony.

The result was a varied event that included both technical keynotes and brainstorming sessions and activities that broadened horizons. An overall experience that resonated with everyone:

'The feedback from the group has been over-the-top. We are at a loss for words for the mini-concert. It was an exceptional experience. Thank you for what you made possible.'

- Mike Strubbe

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