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Important guests welcomed in our Chamber Music Hall during Renal Congress

Important guests welcomed in our Chamber Music Hall during Renal Congress

International guests

With Sir Peter Ratcliffe, the Chamber Music Hall received a Nobel laureate on 18 March. The British physician and professor at Oxford University was invited by the AZ Sint-Jan Brugge. During the third edition of the hospital’s 'Renal' congress on kidney diseases, he elaborated on his pioneering and lauded research.

dr. De Vriese & sir Peter Ratcliffe
dr. De Vriese & sir Peter Ratcliffe


Some other renowned names like Dr Sunil Badve, who addressed the 140-strong audience live from Australia with the technical support of Aventix, completed the international panel of speakers. Between the informative sessions, the congress participants moved to the Foyer, for afterthoughts on what they had heard and learned, over a tasty glass and plate prepared by caterer Deldycke.

Two successful congress days

With the International Renal Conference, Dr An De Vriese, head of the Nephrology (kidney diseases) and Infectious Diseases department at the Sint-Jan Hospital, brought the first of many congresses back to Concertgebouw Brugge. All the assets of a real-time congress thus came into full play again after a long period of restrictions. The doctor therefore looks back with satisfaction on two productive congress days.

“Everything was tightly coordinated by the Concertgebouw team, including catering and audiovisual support. The congress went particularly smoothly. The speakers were also delighted with the organisation and location of the congress.”

Hybrid congress thanks to Aventix

For Pieter Vanhoutte of Aventix, this was a textbook example of a hybrid congress, with several remote speakers as well as participants.

“There is an increasing demand to follow everything remotely. We do this via a private online platform, on which we stream the presentations live and keep them available on demand afterwards.”

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