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Musical gifts

Musicians inspire composers to write new music

Roeland Hendrickx asks Piet Swerts for a new work, composed especially for his ensemble. Daan Janssens writes a cello piece, tailored to the expressive talents of Arne Deforce. Richard Mühlfeld persuades Johannes Brahms to compose for the clarinet. And Eugénie Alecian dedicates her string quartet to the ensemble in which her niece plays first violin. Four times that a powerful bond between composer and performer(s) has resulted in tailor-made work. These musical gifts are unwrapped with love.


SUN 09 FEB 2020
Akhtamar String Quartet
Beethoven, Komitas & Alecian

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FRI 14 FEB 2020
Roeland Hendrikx Ensemble
Saint-Saëns & Swerts

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THU 20 FEB 2020
Arne Deforce & Daan Vandewalle
Three generations of Flemish composers

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SAT 22 FEB 2020
Salon Libeer
Brahms & Mühlfeld

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Part of Têtes-à-têtes 2020

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