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Cosmos Festival

Cosmos Festival

The universe captured in sound and image

In this cosmic season, we spend two weeks reflecting on the power and beauty of our universe. NASA images are provided with overwhelming orchestral music. A Baroque view of the elements is juxtaposed with a dance performance, in which live sounds from the universe guide six percussionists and four dancers through space. With his life's work The United Planets, artist Karl Van Welden occupies a central place, as do Arne Deforce, who journeys through space in his latest creation, and Season's Thinker Thomas Hertog, who searches for analogies between music and cosmology. From analogue to digital, brace yourself for a present-day Harmony of the Spheres!

In collaboration with De Andere Film, KU Leuven, Davidsfonds Academie, Cozmix and Aifoon