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Bram De Looze

Bach and jazz

jazz / pop & rock / world music
Thu 25 Jan 2018 -20.30
start 20.30

Young piano talent, versus the grandmaster of Baroque

In a solo improvisation, Bram De Looze seeks a balance between the performance of Bach's music and his own improvisation, between consistency and setting off in any appealing direction, between different ways of approaching and interpreting. As in his previous project Piano e Forte, the instrument and its tuning also play a role. In his playing, De Looze seeks - as Bach himself mentions 'zur Gemüths-Ergoetzung' – to delight the spirit.

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Bram De Looze (1991)
Creation for pianoforte (world premiere, commissioned by Concertgebouw Brugge & KAAP)


Bram De Looze: pianoforte

Thu 25 Jan 2018 -20.30
start 20.30