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Upcoming events

Upcoming events

The Concertgebouw Events team organises a wide range of events in the Concertgebouw. With over 200 events a year, ranging from corporate events, meetings, congresses, performances and private parties, we welcome around 50,000 visitors from external organisers each year. Below you will find a selection of upcoming events.


December 5th: Oko

General meeting of the Overleg Kunstenoranisaties
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December 7th: HR Design

Inspiring info session for business leaders on HR policies.
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December 9th: Neurology congress

Congress for neurologists and specialists in training on the latest developments in the field of neurology, with formal presentations as well as informal contact moments and an information fair.
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31 January: Conference ACV Food and Services

This organisation defends the interests of workers employed in a whole range of industrial, service and social profit sectors: cleaning, food industry, catering, security,...

9 March: DBS Symposium

Neurology Symposium with focus on Deep Brain Stimulation

20 March: European LUPUS meeting

Multi-day congress with specialists from all corners of Europe in the field of autoimmune disease
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29 May: EACD 2024

Meeting of the European Academy of Childhood Disability around the central theme "composing a new symphony". Four days among subject specialists to exchange best practices and future ideas, with a concert performed by children with disabilities as the organ point.
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14-18 October: ACV National congress

National membership congress of the General Christian Alliance

4-8 November: KUL IDS

International conference in organisation of KU Leuven Immunology of Diabetes Conference

9 November: BARA Congress

Conference Belgian Association for Regional Anesthesia
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As a guest at the Concertgebouw

The Concertgebouw is known for its very extensive music and dance programme. The halls are also made available for concerts and performances by external event organisers. Performances labelled as 'Guest' in our communications are owned by an external organisation and run through Concertgebouw Events.