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Travels through Europe

Lecture by Marli Huijer

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SLOW(36h) 2022

Lecture & Discussion
Fri 04 Feb 2022
This event is cancelled.

A philosophical look at our perception of time on the railways

Travelling by train still excites the imagination. The very mention of it quickly conjures up images of exotic and romantic distant destinations that can only be reached after a very long journey. This shows how our perception of time has changed. The train used to be a symbol of unparalleled speed and efficiency, but nowadays we see it more as a consciously slow form of travel.

Europalia and Concertgebouw Brugge asked Dutch philosopher Marli Huijer – Professor of Public Philosophy at Erasmus University, Rotterdam – to think about time in the context of travel. In this lecture, she reveals her thoughts on the matter, after which she enters into a discussion with the audience.


Marli Huijer: lecturer
Eva De Groote: moderator

Fri 04 Feb 2022
This event is cancelled.


In collaboration with Europalia