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Artists in residence

From 2017-2018, the Concertgebouw will have three new resident artists, alongside familiar faces Anima Eterna Brugge and Rosas: Vox Luminis, Nadar Ensemble and ECCE.  


Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker is both dancer and choreographer. As artistic director of the dance company Rosas, she has created a sizeable body of work, which uses musical structures and scores from different eras, from early music, to contemporary, to pop. Since 2009, the Concertgebouw has supported Rosas as a coproducer.

Anima Eterna Brugge

Jos Van Immerseel

Anima Eterna Brugge was founded in 1987 as a living laboratory for research into Baroque music. Over the next 30 years – half of them spent as Concertgebouw residents - that small string ensemble evolved into fully-fledged symphony orchestra, always playing the appropriate period instruments.


Claire Croizé en Etienne Guilloteau

Choreographers Claire Croizé and Etienne Guilloteau work individually, but they are also involved in each other's creations. In 2017 they founded their own dance company, ECCE, and starting this season they will be resident Concertgebouw artists. ‘We mirror ourselves on each other. Besides that, the music is often our main source of inspiration.’

Nadar Ensemble

Our performances are a fusion of music, video and technology

Nadar Ensemble is synonymous with a multidisciplinary and adventurous spirit. Their performances are a fusion of music, video and technology and can take the form of concert, performance or installation... or a mix of all three.

Vox Luminis

It was time we had a real home.

Since they formed in 2004, Vox Luminis have grown to become one of the leading early music ensembles. They are now regular guests on all the major European, Asian and US stages. ‘It was time we had a real home,’ says artistic leader Lionel Meunier. ‘We’d already performed in Bruges several times and on each occasion we were warmly received by both the audience and the Concertgebouw team.’