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Washing Hands

Lotte van den Berg / Building Conversation

Belgische première

this event is part of

December Dance 2020

Thu 03 Dec 2020
This event is cancelled.

The poetic installation Washing Hands wants to bring touch back into our everyday lives. Two people take a seat at a large bowl of water that serves as a sink. They are separated and protected by a plexiglass wall, but their hands meet and unite in the warm water. The finger dance that then arises awakens all our senses and confronts us in a surprising way with physicality.


With safety in mind, this installation was developed in collaboration with the corona team of an Amsterdam hospital. The installation is thoroughly cleaned after each use.


Building Conversation theatre group: concept
with, among others, Lotte van den Berg

Thu 03 Dec 2020
This event is cancelled.


In collaboration with Cultuurcentrum Brugge