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Masterpiece week Dufay

Masterpiece week Dufay

Missa l'homme armé

  • Beersel-born Willemet Du Fayt – better known in France and Great Britain as ‘Guillaume Dufay’ or ‘Du Fay’ – was the leading composer of his day
  • his chanson L’homme armé was one of the most recognisable melodies of the European Renaissance. For some dozen composers – the first one perhaps Dufay himself – it offered the ideal theme for a   Mass
  • L’homme armé – the armed man – was painfully topical, because in 1453, the year the Missa was composed, the Ottoman army captured Constantinople
  • an unknown copyist included the famous Missa L’homme armé in the original Bruges Lucca Choirbook
  • the Van Eyck portrait above may be of Dufay

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