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Masterpiece week Dowland

Masterpiece week Dowland


- John Dowland published his Lachrimae collection in 1604, while in the service of Christian IV of Denmark. He dedicated it to Christian’s sister Anne, who was Queen of England and Scotland.

- Each of the pavanes builds on a theme that can also be heard in the song Flow my tears, recognisable from its falling musical motif.

- Tears encompass the whole of life, because although they are often sad, ‘neither are teares shed always in sorrow but sometime in joy and gladnesse’.

- The Lachrymae are followed by ‘divers other Pavans, Galiards, and Almands’, dances dedicated to various public figures, including an official pirate.

- Together, the seven Lachrymae may have a narrative or even an esoteric significance, although this has not (yet) been identified.

In collaboration with Cera