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Masterpiece Lassus

Masterpiece Lassus

Psalmi Davidis Poenitentialies

  • in his own day Lassus was already ranked at the lonely top of the composers’ ladder, on an equal footing with Palestrina
  • throughout his life Lassus more or less stuck to the same, refined style
  • contrite 'penitential palms', such as De profundis, are part of the liturgy of Holy Week
  • together with the Prophetiae Sibyllarum and the Lamentations, the Psalmi form the great Latin cycles commissioned by Lassus's patron Albrecht V of Bavaria for his own use
  • the psalms were recorded in one of the most beautifully illustrated musical manuscripts and until their publication in 1584 were only sung on special occasions to impress guests


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