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Lumière III (première Belgique)

Lumière III (Belgian premiere)

jazz / pop & rock / world music
Wed 12 Apr 2017 -20.00
start 20.00

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Electronic sound pioneer dissolves borders between visual score and musical expression in energetic audiovisual show

After the resounding success of his last performance in Bruges, Berlin electronic producer Robert Henke brings his latest brainchild, Lumière III, to Concertgebouw Brugge.

Using high-precision lasers and computer coding algorithms, light dances to drones, glitches and sonic textures. Within Henke’s own software, lasers become visual musical instruments, possessing unique properties and emergent behaviours. Drawing with light by aid of rapid, moving mirrors, is creating high tech calligraphy, the resulting artefact and the precision of the process are two facets of one overarching technique. Sound is vision is sound, treated as one absolute unity. Lumière III is a performance on the edge of concert and visual arts. 

As co-founder of techno-act Monolake and developer of the popular music software Ableton Live, Henke is one of electronic music’s most influential innovators. He is famous around the world for his impressive sound art installations, while playing his shows to sold-out halls.


Robert Henke (1969)
Lumière III (audio visual laser performance)

production: Studio Robert Henke


Robert Henke: visual programming, laser control software, music, sound design & realtime interaction

Wed 12 Apr 2017 -20.00
start 20.00

Under 26? Enjoy 50% discount!