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Listening to the sea

Listening course

  • The Great Wave off Kanagawa

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Lecture & Discussion
Fri 05 Feb 2021
This event is cancelled.

Jan Seys and Yves Senden on the sound of the sea

Throughout music history, the sea has inspired countless composers and pieces of music. Of all those compositions, Debussy’s La Mer is by far the most iconic evocation of the sea. And rightly so. If you close your eyes when you listen, you can hear the waves breaking and feel the sun edging slowly above the horizon. Musicologist Yves Senden explains how Debussy manages to evoke these maritime images so powerfully. Marine biologist Jan Seys reflects on the real sounds of the sea and on the sea as a biotope.


Jan Seys & Yves Senden: lecturers (in Dutch)

Fri 05 Feb 2021
This event is cancelled.


In collaboration with Davidsfonds Academie