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Logo Concertgebouw Brugge
Logo Concertgebouw Brugge

Artistic programme

The Concertgebouw on a mission 

The Concertgebouw is more than just music and dance. We pull out all the stops, to make the difference not only for our concertgoers, but also for society in general.

We build bridges and push boundaries

  • Art education: Acoustic Power, First Class Concerts...
  • Squarely against loneliness
  • Projects for people with disabilities
  • Accessible to diverse audiences

We offer opportunities to creative artists and up-and-coming talent

  • Five resident artists
  • Talent counts
  • Soundcast
  • Creative commissions
  • Season’s Composer

We create amazing moments and unprecedented experiences

  • New city festival GOLD
  • Thematic concert trail
  • Living room concerts

We explore an unexpected theme in depth

  • Season’s Thinker
  • Salon Libeer
  • Lecture-performances
  • Debates about architecture, music, history…
  • Dating the artist
  • Introductions, programme booklets...

We initiate valuable partnerships within the city and society

  • Education: VIVES, College of Europe, KU Leuven…
  • Culture: Cultuurcentrum Brugge, Cactus, KAAP, Klara…
  • Society: OCMW, Cera, Port of Zeebrugge...
  • Tourism: Bruges Sounds Great!

We continue to grow as an innovative and socially responsible company

  • Innovation with the straight-strung concert grand piano
  • Ecology, social employment
  • Business & events activities
  • Public platform for our sponsors