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From Fri 08.04.16
  • An Evening with Efterklang

    With a career that now spans more than 15 years, Efterklang are one of Denmark’s most influential indie bands. Over those years, they’ve built up a ground-breaking oeuvre, influenced by experimental pop, electronics and contemporary classical. Their characteristic orchestral music constantly alternates between subtlety and bombast, performed with a virtuoso ear for composition, sound and melody.  In 2014 core band members Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer and Rasmus Stolberg took a sabbatical to revitalise Efterklang and to focus on the future. This resulted in a new band project and an opera. The dynamic trio also found time to launch a festival in Berlin and set up an online radio station, The Lake, in Copenhagen.  During REVERBERATIONS, Efterklang present the Belgian premiere of the new opera LEAVES - The Colour of Falling (concert version). The opera composed by Karsten Fundal and Efterklang with English lyrics by Ursula Andkjær Olsen premiered at Copenhagen Opera Festival Summer 2015 and consists of 11 haunting songs about tragedy and lost love, carried by a highly distinctive sound, in which acoustic elements are interwoven with electronics. For this Efterklang are joined by eight additional musicians and four additional vocalists. Later in the evening, there will be a concert by new band LIIMA, a collaboration between Efterklang and Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö.  There will also be screenings of An Island and The Ghost of Piramida, two film projects in which the band was involved. The music in the MM!-Café will be streamed from Copenhagen by The Lake Radio.… Read more

  • In dialogue

    Karen Willems, frontwoman of Inwolves, former drummer of Yuko, Zita Swoon Group and 1,001 other projects, is one of the most inventive musicians of her generation. During MORE MUSIC! she’ll be entering into dialogues with four artists, from diverse musical backgrounds, for three memorable improv sessions that will once again highlight her multifaceted talent. Dialogue # 1: Karen Willems - Benjamin Glorieux (18.00) Cellist-composer Benjamin Glorieux, a master of both centuries-old and contemporary classical music, has worked with renowned jazz musicians and for various theatre productions. A unique set with the 21 bronze carillon bells of the Concertgebouw’s roof terrace playing a leading role. Dialogue # 2: Karen Willems - CHVE (Amenra) (19.20) As CHVE, Colin H. Van Eeckhout, vocal powerhouse of the intensely-heavy collective Amenra, bares his soul, with the help of folk, drone and his intriguing voice. Dialogue # 3: Karen Willems - Cycle (22.00) A dialogue in which Willems’ drumming techniques, dynamism, nuance and abstraction are the perfect foil for minimalist Dirk Serries’ abstract and interactive guitar underpinning and Martina Verhoeven’s fascinating approach to the double bass. A unique cross-fertilization of free jazz, minimalism and avant-garde, built with noise, silence, repetition, atmosphere and dynamics.… Read more

  • An impressive name should always have an equally impressive voice: Willis Earl Beal uses his own vocal specimen as an ultra-dynamic soul instrument, alternately whispering softly and roaring loudly.   His story is exceptional: Beal was raised by his grandmother, served in the army, lived on the streets, started making music, left CDs behind in random places, put his phone number on flyers and sang songs to the people who then phoned him. He then made clever use of our fascination for outsiders to focus attention on his rough-edged debut album Acousmatic Sorcery (2012). It sounds like a mesmerising black mass, with which he, a born seducer, is luring his listeners into dark places. His unpolished blues mutations betray a weakness for old, crackling blues, authentic soul and his hero Tom Waits. Late last year he released his fourth album Nocturnes. Once again it had tones of loneliness, trauma and squandered love. And yet we immediately believe him when at an end of Coming Through, his duet with Cat Power, he mutters 'don’t worry baby, it's gonna be alright'. Besides four albums in as many years, Beal’s rampant creativity has also produced drawings and writings. The animated short film Principles of a Protagonist, with drawings and music by his hand, is an interesting introduction to his work! Warning: live concerts by Willis Earl Beal are always a slightly strange experience. Welcome to the church of nobody!… Read more

  • The Colorist is the eight-member ensemble put together by drummer Aarich Jespers (Zita Swoon, Kiss My Jazz) and percussionist Kobe Proesmans (Gabriel Rios). They play adventurous, out-of-the-box music that nevertheless manages to appeal to a wide audience. Using conventional instruments (piano, strings, clarinet…) underpinned by self-built percussion instruments (Jespers is also an instrument builder) The Colorist create a highly individual and intriguing sound spectrum that entices other artists into adventurous collaborations. Icelandic vocalist Emiliana Torrini enthusiastically accepted the challenge of letting her songs be reworked by The Colorist. Torrini scored a worldwide hit with ‘Jungle Drum’, but let’s forget that rakatung ketung ketuketuke tungtung for a moment. Performing live, The Colorist strip back Torrini’s layers and rattle the arrangements, until all that is left is the core of her songs and their vocal line. This challenging musical balancing act takes Torrini out of her comfort zone as a singer and gives her songs a new dimension. A surprising and compelling live-experience!… Read more

  • The Coed Jail Tour

    Pere Ubu, the band fronted by the misanthropic and notoriously cantankerous David Thomas – famed for his substantial girth and manic performances – are impossible to sum up in a few sentences. Since 1975 they have been icons of post-punk: heavily influenced by The Stooges, Captain Beefheart and The Velvet Underground, but above all by a brouhaha of elements drawn from musique concrete and the experimental avant-garde, and with the ever volatile Thomas screaming spastically and nasally through his surrealistic texts. It’s a dizzily contrary and unpredictable sound and thus all the more daringly unique and influential. Without Pere Ubu, there would have been no Gang of Four, Joy Division, Hüsker Dü, Oxbow or Pixies. Besides sounding like the missing link between The Velvet Underground and punk, the band’s sound can best be described as a disorienting mix of avant-garage rock, found sound, analogue synths, psychedelic electronics, heavy bass, fractured song structures and howling vocals. With David Thomas as their only constant, Pere Ubu have now been around for 40 years. To celebrate that milestone, Fire Records are releasing five extremely fine LP boxsets. The first, ‘Elitism for the People 1975-1978’ includes their first two albums ‘The Modern Dance’ and ‘Dub Housing’, along with ‘The Hearpen Singles (1975-1977)’ and the live album ‘Manhattan’. The second, ‘Architecture of Language 1979-1982’, brings together the albums ‘New Picnic Time’, ‘The Art of Walking’ and ‘Song of the Bailing Man’. For The Coed Jail Tour, Thomas has compiled an exclusive set list of the darker, abstract material in these two boxsets. To ensure an overwhelming result, Pere Ubu work their way through this set without pausing between numbers. The line-up consists of Tom Herman (guitarist from 1975 to 1979 and from 1997 to 2002) David Thomas, Robert Wheeler, Michele Temple and Steve Mehlman. If you really want to understand what Pere Ubu are all about, then be sure to read this 30-page essay, written by David Thomas himself. Humo about debut album The Modern Dance: 'One of the twenty best records you’ve never heard.'… Read more

  • plays the music of Twin Peaks

    Xiu Xiu is the uncompromising and confrontational musical project, set up in 2002 by American multi-instrumentalist Jamie Steward. A constant stream of releases and tours, and collaborations with musicians like Grouper, Michael Gira and Deerhoof, have meanwhile garnered the band veritable cult status. Xiu Xiu aren’t restrained by artistic boundaries or genres: their music shifts between synthpop, black noise, avant-rock and pure experiment. They also turn their hands to artwork and even online art. No band is therefore better suited to interpret and perform the Twin Peaks soundtrack composed by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch. Steward reworked the music at the request of Lynch himself. ‘XIU XIU plays the music of TWIN PEAKS’ premiered in Brisbane and has since been touring selected venues. Be warned, when they visit, Killer BOB will be with them!… Read more

  • Kode9, Darkstar & Rival Consoles

    vvk € 15  add € 18  Excl. €1 online fee KODE9 (uk – HYPERDUB dj-set) Kode9: one of the founding members of the early dubstep scene and prominent critic when the genre was on the brink of collapse due to an excess of basses and the pressure of the American EDM-circus. Kode9 chose a more experimental path for his Hyperdub label (see also Burial, LV, Darkstar …) and welcomed UK Funky, (Cooly G, Ill Blue …), footwork (Dj Rashad, Dj Spinn …) and experimental electronics (Laurel Halo, Fatima Al Quadiri, Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland …). After the regretful death of long time friend and collaborator The Space Ape MC, Kode9 started working on ‘Nothing’, a first solo album. Again a true masterpiece on the junction of early dubstep, grime and Chicago footwork. During More Music! Kode9 will bring an exclusive Hyperdub dj-set! DARKSTAR live (uk – WARP) Darkstar is at home on leading labels as Hyperdub and Warp, has its roots in the late noughties dubstepscene but has wide open ears for the experimental indiepop f a.o. Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear. The music of Aiden Whalley and James Young went through a big transformation since their first releases on Kode9’s label in 2007. Darkstar reached a temporary climax with last year’s praised and anticipated ‘Foam Island’. After the British elections in 2015, Whalley and Young started an ambitious project, setting up conversations with local youngsters in Huddersmouth. The result was a strong punch of poppy electronics, inspired by the actual social climate in North Britain. Highly up to date and immensely beautiful! RIVAL CONSOLES live (uk – ERASED TAPES) London based producer Ryan Lee West was the first signing on leading label Erased Tapes. His music, first under the moniker Aparatec and now Rival Consoles, balances on the boundaries of dancefloor and atmosphere. Highly recommended for fans of labelmates Kiasmos and Nils Frahm of atmospheric techno heroes as James Holden and Jon Hopkins. Last album ‘Howl’ completes West’s organically built electronics, mostly composed of rough sketches on guitar and piano. Pitchfork, SPIN and Resident Advisor were tempted. Rival Consoles presented his impressive live AV show in Tate Modern and was taken on tour by Clark, Nosaj Thing, Luke Abott and Kisamos. ‘The soundscapes he's constructed on his third LP, Howl, are spiky and imposing, too solid to sink into. The music is always shifting, so it's impossible to lose track of time while listening.’ — Pitchfork    … Read more

  • Olé. Ravel, Lalo & Bizet

    February 1875: Paris first hears Lalo’s Symphonie espagnol. Barely a month later, Bizet introduces his fiery Spanish gypsy girl Carmen. In one fell swoop, Spain is put on the French musical map. French composers liked to cross the Pyrenees to pick up inspiration from Spain’s rich music and dance culture. In his five movement symphony for violin and orchestra - composed with Andalusian violinist Pablo De Sarasate, who had settled in Paris, in mind - Lalo ignites Spanish fireworks. A handful of Spanish melodies from Bizet’s opera Carmen became so popular that after his death they enjoyed a second life in the form of an orchestral suite. Born near to the Spanish border to a Basque mother, is it any surprise that the composer of the Boléro imbibed the Spanish bug with his mother's milk? … Read more

  • Mare nostrum

    The shores of the Mediterranean are the cradle of our mythology, philosophy and theology, but also the scene of intense conflict. Invasion and migration still colour the roots and the lives of those who live there. The three great monotheistic religions have also left their imprint. As always, via music, Jordi Savall reveals the links between all those people and cultures. In Mare nostrum he brings oral traditions - Sephardic, Berber, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Andalusian and his own Catalan - together with notated music from the Italian trecento and from Ottoman and Greek sources. Expect an eclectic mix of incredible richness, a wealth we can meanwhile also call our own.… Read more

  • Opening film: As I Open My Eyes

    For many years, in Bruges, Cinema Novo was the highlight of the year for lovers of top-quality world-cinema. Since 2013 it has operated under the name ‘MOOOV Film Festival Bruges’ and has spread its activities across the whole of Flanders. MOOOV reaches out to people and touches them, via feature films and documentaries from all over the world. It is now the major film festival in its genre in Flanders, attracting 100,000 visitors a year to its various Flemish locations. The full programme, of some seventy films, will be announced online in the course of March via Come to the MOOOV Festival opening film in the Concertgebouw and immediately feel like a film star on the red carpet. Besides the film, you can also enjoy lots of peripheral spectacle and a snack and a drink in an exceptional setting.  … Read more

  • After the Earthquake of Lisbon

    In 1755 what should have been a festive All Saints' Day, turned into a day of disaster: an earthquake, followed by immense tidal waves and raging fires, destroyed almost all of Lisbon. King John V’s fabulous music library also went up in smoke. This catastrophe turned European thinking upside down: so many dead, so much damage… could that really be the will of a good God? In Hamburg Telemann didn’t concern himself with such questions. His evocative Donnerode is both a tribute to his Portuguese colleagues and an acknowledgement of God’s omnipotence. Not coincidentally, he employed the same orchestral configuration Almeida liked to use, in the eight-part Mass Les Muffatti and Vox Luminis perform this evening, for example. Together, these multi-award-winning ensembles give this recently rediscovered gem of the European Baroque added lustre.… Read more

  • The idiosyncratic sound of Rebelo

    Portuguese prodigy João Lourenço Rebelo is perhaps the only composer to attach absolutely no importance to the publication of his works; he left that job to his patron, King John IV of Portugal. Thanks to the Portuguese monarch’s care (and money) Rebelo’s compositions were published in Rome in 1657, and have only thus been preserved for posterity. That they’ve been preserved is fortunate, because in this evening’s Vesper Psalms and Lamentations, Rebelo shows himself to be a highly original and idiosyncratic composer. By blending Venetian double-choir techniques with ‘early’ polyphony and his very personal use of chromatic elements, he gave Portuguese music its own face. His eight-voice lamentations can be counted among the very best of European Holy Week polyphony.… Read more