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From Thu 09.10.14

    Akram Khan & Israel Galván

    Akram Khan and Israel Galván perform together in Concertgebouw Brugge for the first time. In their joint performance TOROBAKA they combine their strengths and bring us the best of both their worlds. Spaniard Galván draws on his roots, flamenco; British Bengali Khan combines contemporary dance with Kathak, an Indian classical dance form. But this encounter is much more than a simple exchange of cultures. It is all about creating something shared, something in which it is not the art form but the essence of the dance which is central. Harking back to the very origins of voice and gesture, they strive for a version of reality that transcends imitation. Dancing without compromise, they present their audience with unconstrained and undeniable art.… Read more

  • Iedereen Klassiek

    Klara, Concertgebouw Brugge and Brugge Plus want everyone to go classical, because classical music is for everyone. It comes in all shapes and sizes, for every emotion and every occasion. Together with Klara we want to make that fantastic repertoire more familiar to the general public. During Iedereen Klassiek, we present a selection of masterpieces, covering ten centuries of musical history. But we also put you to work! The audience will have ample opportunity to join in, because few things are as much fun as making your own music. And there is more: using innovative technology, we also bring you Terry Riley’s composition In C – a milestone of musical history – via ChampdAction’s free smartphone and tablet app. E-culture at its best! Everything to convince you that it is better to discover classical music sooner rather than later. … Read more