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Concertgebouw Brugge

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  • Enric Montes


Lisbon is an indescribable feeling that lingers most deliciously. To paraphrase Pessoa: after the initial surprise, the city become part of you. A city with such a powerful soul can’t help but influence its musicians. Four concerts take us on a city trip through centuries of polyphony, to fado and jazz, with some very special guests as tour guides.

I say ‘Lisbon’
when I cross the river from the south
and the city opens up before me, as if born of her name
She opens up, and rises in nocturnal vastness
in her drawn out brilliance of blue and of river
in her stacked up hills
Lisbon with her name of being and nonbeing
with her meanders of surprise, sleeplessness and shacks
and her secret sparkle, like a stage set
her conspiratorial smile of masked intrigue
While the wide sea swells westward
Lisbon rocks like a great sailing ship
Lisbon, cruelly constructed around her own absence
I say the name of the city
I say it to see her

– Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen