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Performance or concert

The Concertgebouw is known for its extensive music and dance program. The rooms are also made available for concerts and performances by external event organizers. In the short history of the Concertgebouw, we have received many artists. We are thinking of Toots Tielemans, Adamo, Will Tura, Wouter Deprez, Hooverphonic, David Byrne, Emmilou Harris, Scala, Rob De Nys, Frank Boeijen, Wim Helsen, Geert Hoste, Jacques Vermeire, Els de Schepper ...

The Concertgebouw also supports these concerts on its website and in the Concertgebouw magazine under the title 'Also in the Concertgebouw'.

Concert Hall

The impressive Concert Hall forms the heart of the Concertgebouw and is renowned worldwide for its exceptional acoustics.

  • Extraordinary acoustics
  • 1289 seats on three levels
  • Good sight lines throughout the room
  • Extensive technical facilities and know-how
Virtual tour

With the virtual tour of the Concert Hall you can already view all corners of the hall.

More info

Technical info, prices, services and conditions can be found in the info sheet.

Music Chamber Hall

The Chamber Music Hall is suitable for concerts with smaller music ensembles.

  • The Chamber Music Hall has a capacity of 320 seats.
  • The Chamber Music Hall offers various setup options.
  • The sloping balconies give the room a warm and unique look.
  • The room is darkened.
  • The room is equipped as standard with facilities for projection, sound and light.
Virtual tour

With the virtual tour of the Chamber Music Hall you can already view all corners of the room.

More info

View here the sheet with technical info, prices, services and conditions in the info sheet.

Professional guidance

The Concertgebouw's technical team has built up extensive know-how to receive artists from various musical genres. A production leader from the Concertgebouw will be present at each performance and will guide the public reception and the performance.

More info

Promotional and communicational opportunities

Download the info sheet 


Contact our Business & Events team for more information or to make a reservation via email at zaalhuur@concertgebouw.be.

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