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Concertgebouw Brugge

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The season’s theme Metamorphosis refers to innovations made in a variety of areas: architectural, with the new layout of the entrance hall; communicational, with a new style; and content-related, with other emphases, new formats and new partners. And, naturally, we are also examining what metamorphosis can mean in art:

  • Variation Series, in which a theme repeatedly takes on different forms.
  • Arrangements that give compositions a different colour (with a Bach Academy Bruges that features arrangements of and by Bach).
  • Composers whose language evolves substantially during their career.
  • Transformation of the artist during a dance performance (with, as curator of December Dance, choreographer Christian Rizzo, for whom transformation is an essential part of his work).
  • Folk melodies that take on different dimensions in large-scale symphonies (with a Budapest Festival dedicated to Gustav Mahler's folk-song settings).
  • Monophonic Gregorian chants, transformed during the Renaissance into polyphonic cathedrals of sound (during the brand-new festival Gold. Bruges voices from the Renaissance).
  • Masterly Magic, with The Four Seasons as a metaphor: featuring both Vivaldi’s Baroque evergreen and the transformed, derivative versions of Max Richter and Astor Piazzolla.