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Concertgebouw Brugge

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Season’s Images

Season’s Images

Emilie Lauwers studied graphic design. She has since worked as an opera scenographer, a theatre photographer and an illustrator of, among other things, children's books. In the Concertgebouw’s new season's brochure, she has been able to combine all of these aspects of her artistic experience.

The metamorphosis theme is of great interest to her and repeatedly features in both her stage work and her engravings. As model for the photo shoot, she chose the young Emma, who is simultaneously both a child and an adult woman. The shoot took place in an abandoned building in Ghent, a location with history, dilapidated or under construction, and with many pictorial qualities.

Just like the Concertgebouw it has a monumental character. From some dozen photos, this one suggestive image was selected: the girl balancing on a self-built construction of old and new seats and chairs, ready to jump if something topples. The daylight enters as in a classic painting. The composition is contemporary. The wall is timeworn, her face fresh. The start of another story, because the photos themselves were also transformed. Emilie worked on them with paint, fire, rips, aerosols, scratches and creases. In each version, this same photo can therefore express a different meaning or atmosphere.