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The Angel Series

In 2012, when Luc Tuymans created his wonderful Angel mural in a side corridor of  the Concertgebouw,  he simultaneously created a new space:  the Angel Room. This relatively narrow but high corridor - which rises through three levels - was affectionately dubbed ‘the cathedral’ by architect Paul Robbrecht. Combined with Tuymans’ work, its echoing acoustics and unusual incidence of light give it an atmosphere all of its own. The Concertgebouw therefore named this space ‘the Angel Room’. Inspired by Morton Feldman’s Rothko Chapel, the Concertgebouw is compiling a series of compositions especially composed for this Angel Room. These intimate solo, duo or trio works draw their inspiration from the context in which they are to be performed. 

#4: Wim Henderickx (2017) / Sacred Places I (Angel) 

#3: Annelies Van Parys (2017)  

Belgium’s Annelies Van Parys has composed a work, especially for the Angel Room.

Klank / Beeld / Imaginative concert trail (02.03.17)

 #2: Vykintas Baltakas (2015) / Music of falling sounds 

Vykintas Baltakas composed a work specially for the Angel Room, within the context of SURROUND!

 #1: Toshio Hosokawa (2014)

As part of his Domain in October 2014, Japanese composer Toshio Hosokawa setted the ball rolling with a work for soprano and harp.

Performers: Yuko Kakuta: soprano / Naoko Yoshino: harp