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Concertgebouw Brugge

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Bozzini Quartet — Wandelweiser


  • 17.00 Kapel O.L.V. van Blindekens
  • 18.15 Expected end time


Silence transforms into the most wonderful sounds. In the work of Antoine Beuger it is the music that encircles the silence and not the other way round. Beuger is one of the founders of the Wandelweiser group of composers - to which Jürg Frey also belongs. And as a ‘son’ of John Cage, he radically changes our conception of music. Aldo Clementi’s work also manipulates listening perception; it has neither beginning nor end. The Bozzini Quartet elevate silence to art and open our ears to the unheard.

Order your SLOW (36h) Sunday day pass here

Order your SLOW (36h) weekend pass here.

Program and performers

Johannes Ockeghem (1410-1497)
Missa Mi-Mi (arr. André Cormier)
Jürg Frey (1953)
String Quartet no. 3 (European premiere)
Antoine Beuger (1955)
Modes of Dispossession, Levels of Affinity (world premiere, commissioned by Concertgebouw Brugge and Bozzini Quartet)
Aldo Clementi (1925-2011)
Otto Frammenti
Jürg Frey (1953)
String Quartet no. 2

Bozzini Quartet: string quartet

Aldo Clementi, Antoine Beuger, Johannes Ockeghem & Jürg Frey: music