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Concertgebouw Brugge

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  • (c) Mathilde Troussard

  • (c) Mathilde Troussard

BarrocoTout — Brussels in flux


  • 15.00 Kamermuziekzaal
  • 16.40 Expected end time
  • 14.15 Introduction by Koen Uvin


Proto-Belgian composers at the forefront of musical and social upheavals

The young talents of BarrocoTout – who trained at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels - plunge fervently into the music of a turbulent period in the Southern Netherlands. In 18th century France revolution was brewing. In Brussels tensions were also building, putting the Habsburg regime under increasing pressure. Meanwhile, the Baroque was giving way to the Classical, a style that’ ‘homegrown’ composers such as de Croes, Van Maldere and Delange picked up during their travels across Europe.

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Program and performers


Trio Sonatas by Marin Marais, Georg Philipp Telemann, Jean-Marie Leclair, Henri-Jacques de Croes, Pieter Van Maldere and Herman-François Delange


Carlota Garcia: transverse flute
Izana Soria: violin
Edouard Catalan: cello
Ganaël Schneider: harpsichord