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Concertgebouw Brugge

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HOMEJACKING — Nadar Ensemble


  • 15.00 Extra Muros
  • 14.15 Introduction by Rebecca Diependaele


  • 17,00
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The most exciting new music, in Bruges’ living rooms

Video, electronics, live sound-manipulation and the strangest performance techniques: today’s composers have an extensive arsenal with which to surprise the listener. Nadar Ensemble are enthusiast participants in these (multimedia) voyages of discovery. During these concerts, that adventure gets closer to us than ever: resident musicians Nadar Ensemble fan out across Bruges to play their favourite works in people’s living rooms. Even the composers come to listen!

Program and performers


Jessie Marino (1984)
Rot Blau I

Simon Steen-Andersen (1976)

Daan Janssens (1983)
(face à moi)

Michael Beil (1963)
Key Jack

Stefan Prins (1979)

Dan Tramte (1985)
Degradative Interference

Michael Maierhof (1956)
Splitting 30

Beat Furrer (1954)
Invocation VI

Natacha Diels (1981)
An Economy of Means


Nadar Ensemble:
Marieke Berendsen: violin
Pieter Matthynssens: cello
Frederik Croene: piano
Thomas Moore: trombone
Nico Couck: electric guitar
Bertel Schollaert: saxophone
Dries Tack: clarinet
Els Mondelaers: mezzo-soprano
Katrien Gaelens: flute
Yves Goemaere: percussion
Wannes Gonnissen: sound