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Xiu Xiu — plays the music of Twin Peaks


  • 22.45 Kamermuziekzaal


Xiu Xiu is the uncompromising and confrontational musical project, set up in 2002 by American multi-instrumentalist Jamie Steward. A constant stream of releases and tours, and collaborations with musicians like Grouper, Michael Gira and Deerhoof, have meanwhile garnered the band veritable cult status.

Xiu Xiu aren’t restrained by artistic boundaries or genres: their music shifts between synthpop, black noise, avant-rock and pure experiment. They also turn their hands to artwork and even online art.

No band is therefore better suited to interpret and perform the Twin Peaks soundtrack composed by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch. Steward reworked the music at the request of Lynch himself. ‘XIU XIU plays the music of TWIN PEAKS’ premiered in Brisbane and has since been touring selected venues.

Be warned, when they visit, Killer BOB will be with them!