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SONAR ROOM — Kode9, Darkstar & Rival Consoles


  • 22.45 Concertzaal Scène
  • vvk € 15 / add € 18 Excl. €1 online fee


vvk € 15 
add € 18 
Excl. €1 online fee

KODE9 (uk – HYPERDUB dj-set)

Kode9: one of the founding members of the early dubstep scene and prominent critic when the genre was on the brink of collapse due to an excess of basses and the pressure of the American EDM-circus. Kode9 chose a more experimental path for his Hyperdub label (see also Burial, LV, Darkstar …) and welcomed UK Funky, (Cooly G, Ill Blue …), footwork (Dj Rashad, Dj Spinn …) and experimental electronics (Laurel Halo, Fatima Al Quadiri, Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland …).

After the regretful death of long time friend and collaborator The Space Ape MC, Kode9 started working on ‘Nothing’, a first solo album. Again a true masterpiece on the junction of early dubstep, grime and Chicago footwork. During More Music! Kode9 will bring an exclusive Hyperdub dj-set!

DARKSTAR live (uk – WARP)

Darkstar is at home on leading labels as Hyperdub and Warp, has its roots in the late noughties dubstepscene but has wide open ears for the experimental indiepop f a.o. Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear. The music of Aiden Whalley and James Young went through a big transformation since their first releases on Kode9’s label in 2007.

Darkstar reached a temporary climax with last year’s praised and anticipated ‘Foam Island’. After the British elections in 2015, Whalley and Young started an ambitious project, setting up conversations with local youngsters in Huddersmouth. The result was a strong punch of poppy electronics, inspired by the actual social climate in North Britain. Highly up to date and immensely beautiful!


London based producer Ryan Lee West was the first signing on leading label Erased Tapes. His music, first under the moniker Aparatec and now Rival Consoles, balances on the boundaries of dancefloor and atmosphere. Highly recommended for fans of labelmates Kiasmos and Nils Frahm of atmospheric techno heroes as James Holden and Jon Hopkins.

Last album ‘Howl’ completes West’s organically built electronics, mostly composed of rough sketches on guitar and piano. Pitchfork, SPIN and Resident Advisor were tempted. Rival Consoles presented his impressive live AV show in Tate Modern and was taken on tour by Clark, Nosaj Thing, Luke Abott and Kisamos.

‘The soundscapes he's constructed on his third LP, Howl, are spiky and imposing, too solid to sink into. The music is always shifting, so it's impossible to lose track of time while listening.’ — Pitchfork