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  • Stephane Puopolo

  • Stephane Puopolo

Les Muffatti & Vox Luminis — After the Earthquake of Lisbon


  • 20.00 Concertzaal
  • 22.00 Expected end time
  • 19.15 Introduction by Piet De Volder


Gems of the European Baroque by two multi-award-winning ensembles

In 1755 what should have been a festive All Saints' Day, turned into a day of disaster: an earthquake, followed by immense tidal waves and raging fires, destroyed almost all of Lisbon. King John V’s fabulous music library also went up in smoke. This catastrophe turned European thinking upside down: so many dead, so much damage… could that really be the will of a good God? In Hamburg Telemann didn’t concern himself with such questions. His evocative Donnerode is both a tribute to his Portuguese colleagues and an acknowledgement of God’s omnipotence. Not coincidentally, he employed the same orchestral configuration Almeida liked to use, in the eight-part Mass Les Muffatti and Vox Luminis perform this evening, for example. Together, these multi-award-winning ensembles give this recently rediscovered gem of the European Baroque added lustre.

Program and performers


Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
Die Donnerode

Francisco Antonio de Almeida (active 1722-1752)
Missa a 8 in F


Les Muffatti: orchestra
Vox Luminis: vocal ensemble
Peter Van Heyghen: conductor