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  • Mischa Salevic

  • Thomas Kost

WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne — Olé. Ravel, Lalo & Bizet


  • 15.00 Concertzaal
  • 17.20 Expected end time
  • 14.15 Introduction by Rudy Tambuyser


Spanish musical fireworks in compositions by Ravel, Bizet and Lalo

February 1875: Paris first hears Lalo’s Symphonie espagnol. Barely a month later, Bizet introduces his fiery Spanish gypsy girl Carmen. In one fell swoop, Spain is put on the French musical map. French composers liked to cross the Pyrenees to pick up inspiration from Spain’s rich music and dance culture. In his five movement symphony for violin and orchestra - composed with Andalusian violinist Pablo De Sarasate, who had settled in Paris, in mind - Lalo ignites Spanish fireworks. A handful of Spanish melodies from Bizet’s opera Carmen became so popular that after his death they enjoyed a second life in the form of an orchestral suite. Born near to the Spanish border to a Basque mother, is it any surprise that the composer of the Boléro imbibed the Spanish bug with his mother's milk? 

Program and performers


Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)
Alborada del gracioso

Edouard Lalo (1823-1892)
Symphonie espagnole, opus 21

George Bizet (1838-1875) / Rodion Shchedrin (1932)
Carmen Suite (1967)


WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne: orchestra
Josep Pons: conductor
Slava Chestiglazov: violin