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Concertgebouw Brugge

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Four Times A Lady — South American guitar music


  • 15.00 Kamermuziekzaal
  • 16.51 Expected end time
  • 14.15 Introduction by Piet Swerts


Fast and powerful rhythms, clapping and stamping: a concert with pure South American inspiration

Swelteringly hot and fiery characters, fast and powerful rhythms, Latin-American dances with clapping and stamping, scandalous and sensual dances: during this concert of pure South American guitar music, you can picture them all. The Cuban landscape inspired Leo Brouwer to compose a rumba. He juggles rhythm and timbre and treats the guitar almost like a percussion instrument, in a way no previous composer had ever done. Argentinian Eduardo Martin manages like no other to evoke the heat and the seething blood of the South in the sweet, warm tones of Agua y mièles and the fiery character of Acrilicos en el Espacio. For her new composition, Petra Vermote drew her inspiration from Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges. In his Ficciones he ingeniously reconstructed present and past, reality and dream.  The overall sound is an ode to the varied and often imposing landscapes of Argentina. And the naturally the tango will not be missing! 

Program and performers


music by Leo Brouwer, Gilbert Clamens, Eduardo Martín, Patrick Roux, Petra Vermote (world premiere, commissioned by Concertgebouw Brugge), Alfonso Montes, Jorge Cardoso, Ary Barroso, Luiz Bonfá, Angel Villoldo, Celso Machado, Paulo Bellinati, Carlos Rivera


Four Times a Lady:
Leen Langenbick: guitar
Tania D’Hoest: guitar
Willemijn Vermeir: guitar
Veerle D’Hoest: guitar