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Concertgebouw Brugge

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Nadar Ensemble, Arne Deforce & Wibert Aerts — Black Box Music


  • 20.00 Concertgebouw
  • 19.15 Introduction by Mark Delaere


Three groundbreaking concerts in one evening, performed by the cream of Belgium’s contemporary music scene

Three groundbreaking concerts, performed by the cream of Belgium’s contemporary music scene. Simon Steen-Andersen’s Black Box Music is a unique and radically different work, at the intersection of composition, installation art, electronics and performance. The ensemble surround the audience. The conductor is in front of them, with his hands thrust inside a black box. The contents of that box – the conductor’s gestures and thus his instructions for the musicians – are projected live onto a large screen. Thanks to its uncontrollable blend of humour, charm and exuberant inventiveness, Black Box Music is fascinating until the final second. Visually perhaps less exciting, but auditorily every bit as groundbreaking, are the works of Parra, Cendo and Baltakas. Manipulated live sounds come at you from all sides and penetrate into every fibre of your body. 

Program and performers


Nadar Ensemble: ensemble
Håkon Stene: conductor

Simon Steen-Andersen (1976)
Black Box Music

Arne Deforce: cello
Centre Henri Pousseur: live electronics

Hèctor Parra (1976)
L’aube assaillie

Raphaël Cendo (1975)

Wibert Aerts: violin
Centre Henri Pousseur: live electronics

Vykintas Baltakas (1972)
Music of falling sounds (world premiere, commissioned by Concertgebouw Brugge as part of The Angel Series)

Frederik Neyrinck (1985)
Quasi-Palindrom V


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