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Concertgebouw Brugge

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From Wed 21.02.18 KEYBOARD
  • Ferrabosco, Strauss & Cage

    A metamorphosis can be huge and conspicuous, or barely discernible, so you’d better stay alert during these three short concerts. Daan Vandewalle’s piano, for instance, mysteriously mutates into a one-man percussion ensemble. The strings continuously transform the sound of Strauss's intense Metamorphosen by moving slowly around the audience. And the Hathor Consort turn complex polyphony inward. Nothing is, everything becomes… and that is the only certainty.… Read more

  • Folk roots in the music of Bartók & Kodály

    The debate about high and low art can sometimes get rather heated. In his second salon, Julien Libeer and philosopher Alicja Gescinska search for answers and nuances. And what music can better accompany their quest that of Béla Bartók? In Bartók’s work, the ‘high’ Viennese tradition goes hand in hand with the miniature works of art of 'low' folk music. And it’s precisely those multiple layers that make his music so fascinating. … Read more