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Concertgebouw Brugge

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From Tue 23.05.17 KEYBOARD
  • Maria João Pires

    Even in their own day, Mozart and Beethoven were kings of the classical concerto. Contemporaries were astonished by their music. Mozart’s Piano Concerto no. 20, with its dazzling cadenza, was greatly admired by the young Beethoven who always kept it in his repertoire. By the time he wrote his opus 58, Beethoven had given his own twist to the genre, with a new role for the pianist. This evening, Maria João Pires plays solo and leads, and introduces a new talent: Ashot Khachatourian.… Read more

  • Brahms & Schumann

    The piano as a fiery fighter, battling against a temperamental orchestra: that’s the feel we get from Brahms’ First Piano Concerto. He composed it shortly after Robert Schumann - whom he greatly admired - had attempted to commit suicide by throwing himself into the icy Rhine. In his Second Symphony, Schumann is in far better spirits. It is a gem of orchestral colours, sharp rhythmic formulae and melancholic melodies that plumb the depths of the romantic soul.… Read more

  • Chopin

    Frédéric Chopin and George Sand were an unlikely couple. She was a feminist writer, who lived life large and centre stage. He was retiring and preferred to stay in the background. And yet their love burned bright, at least for a time. Chopin wrote his best work - such as the Mazurkas, opus 59 and Sonata no. 3, opus 58 - in the latter, increasingly unhappy years of their relationship. Abdel Rahman El Bacha conjures with colours on a copy of Chopin's favourite instrument, a Pleyel concert grand piano.… Read more

  • A feast of classical music

    Anyone who has attended in recent years will confirm it: this is a veritable feast of classical music. Classical music comes in all shapes and sizes, for every emotion and every occasion: Iedereen Klassiek bathes everyone and everything in a joyful classical-music bath. Together with initiator Klara and many Bruges-based partners, the Concertgebouw is putting together a lavish celebration, with offshoots all over the inner city. As always, we warm up with Crazy about Bach and close with the wonderful Brussels Philharmonic, this time performing some well-known classics. Invite your family and friends to this free event, so that they too can discover the power and beauty of Bach, Beethoven and Bruges.… Read more

  • Benjamin Glorieux, Heleen Van Haegenborgh & Christian Mendoza

    In the atmospheric St. Godelieve's Abbey - right next to the Concertgebouw - cellist Benjamin Glorieux brings us intriguing Bach improvisations with electronics, while new-music and jazz pianists Heleen Van Haegenborgh and Christian Mendoza bring a new twist to analogue Bach with textile.… Read more

  • Ferrabosco, Strauss & Cage

    A metamorphosis can be huge and conspicuous, or barely discernible, so you’d better stay alert during these three short concerts. Daan Vandewalle’s piano, for instance, mysteriously mutates into a one-man percussion ensemble. The strings continuously transform the sound of Strauss's intense Metamorphosen by moving slowly around the audience. And the Hathor Consort turn complex polyphony inward. Nothing is, everything becomes… and that is the only certainty.… Read more

  • Folk roots in the music of Bartók & Kodály

    The debate about high and low art can sometimes get rather heated. In his second salon, Julien Libeer and philosopher Alicja Gescinska search for answers and nuances. And what music can better accompany their quest that of Béla Bartók? In Bartók’s work, the ‘high’ Viennese tradition goes hand in hand with the miniature works of art of 'low' folk music. And it’s precisely those multiple layers that make his music so fascinating. … Read more