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Concertgebouw Brugge

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From Tue 23.05.17 Jazz / Pop & rock / World music
  • Rianto & Nani Topeng Losari Cirebon

    Belgian arts festival Europalia Indonesia visits Bruges with this exceptional double bill. In his home region, Javanese dancer Rianto learnt the cross-gender lengger dance from old masters. For his solo Medium, he collaborates with leading Indonesian filmmaker Garin Nugroho and with percussionist/vocalist Cahwati. In the second part of the evening, an impressive gamelan - an ensemble composed primarily of traditional Javanese percussion instruments – accompanies the Topena Cirebon, a typical graceful mask dance from West Java.… Read more

  • Virtuoso Iranian percussion music

    In his own country his innovations aren’t always welcomed. In the West they have us falling off our chairs in delighted surprise. All on his own, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi sounds like a whole percussion ensemble, playing the most beautiful continuous grooves, while he solos brilliantly to his own accompaniment. … Read more

  • Film with live soundtrack by Cercueil

    Biekorf Add to wishlist Start of sales: 23.05.2017

    Puce Moment is a project realised by Nicolas Devos and Pénélope Michel, the founders of French electro-pop group Cercueil. Their visual and sensory approach delivers compelling performances with music, image and narrative. They have composed original soundtracks for several feature films, documentaries and cine-concerts. Since 2012 they have been touring Europe, playing their completely reworked soundtrack to David Lynch’s 1977 cult film Eraserhead. … Read more

  • Bach and jazz

    De Werf Add to wishlist Start of sales: 23.05.2017

    In a solo improvisation, Bram De Looze seeks a balance between the performance of Bach's music and his own improvisation, between consistency and setting off in any appealing direction, between different ways of approaching and interpreting. As in his previous project Piano e Forte, the instrument and its tuning also play a role. In his playing, De Looze seeks - as Bach himself mentions 'zur Gemüths-Ergoetzung' – to delight the spirit.… Read more

  • Back to the 1780s!

    WÖR pumps new energy into 18th-century ‘Belgian’ melodies, with a catchy groove, driven by the tight tempo work of baritone sax and guitar. WÖR searched for their strong melodies in dance anthologies, such as   d’Aubat de Saint-Flour and Trappeniers, or in the carillon books De Gruijtters, Van Belle and De Prins. If they could let their hair down and party a few hundred years ago in Ghent, Diest, Leuven, Brussels and Antwerp, why shouldn’t we?… Read more