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From Sun 23.04.17 Vocal
  • Bach. Mass in B minor

    With his Mass in B minor, Bach built a monument on indestructible foundations. Sometimes it’s redolent of the old counterpoint of Palestrina, at other times of the expressive richness and vitality of the Baroque. The Thomas Cantor also borrowed extensively from the best excerpts from his cantatas. Collegium Vocale Gent return to this pinnacle of musical and emotional depth.… Read more

  • Coffee at Zimmermann’s. Bach & Telemann

    ‘Coffee, Coffee muss ich haben!’ In Bach’s famous Coffee Cantata, BWV211 - the delightful mini-drama that premiered in Zimmermann’s illustrious coffee house in Leipzig - Liesgen is prepared to give up her entire social life for a cup of coffee. With another secular Bach cantata and an overture from Telemann’s colourful collection, il Gardellino roll out the red carpet for this rare, frivolous programme.… Read more

  • Music and diction beyond death

    Monteverdi’s iconic opera articulates Orpheus’ attempts to soothe the keepers of Hades with his voice and his lyre. He is allowed to release his beloved Eurydice from the realm of the dead, on the one condition that he does not turn around to look at her. Leonardo García Alarcón and his Cappella Mediterranea are the fitting performers for this story about life and death, longing and recollection.… Read more

  • Christ’s ascension according to C.P.E. Bach

    Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu (1778) is an intimate meditation on the virtues of Christ and the mysteries of his ascension. The composer rightfully regarded this lyrical oratorio as one of his masterpieces. The Vocalconsort Berlin teams up with the Hofkapelle München in this redeeming apotheosis of the MAfestival 2017.… Read more