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Concertgebouw Brugge

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From Wed 21.02.18 Cage to present day
  • Ferrabosco, Strauss & Cage

    A metamorphosis can be huge and conspicuous, or barely discernible, so you’d better stay alert during these three short concerts. Daan Vandewalle’s piano, for instance, mysteriously mutates into a one-man percussion ensemble. The strings continuously transform the sound of Strauss's intense Metamorphosen by moving slowly around the audience. And the Hathor Consort turn complex polyphony inward. Nothing is, everything becomes… and that is the only certainty.… Read more

  • Nadar Ensemble

    Video, electronics, live sound-manipulation and the strangest performance techniques: today’s composers have an extensive arsenal with which to surprise the listener. Nadar Ensemble are enthusiast participants in these (multimedia) voyages of discovery. During these concerts, that adventure gets closer to us than ever: resident musicians Nadar Ensemble fan out across Bruges to play their favourite works in people’s living rooms. Even the composers come to listen!… Read more

  • Nadar Ensemble

    In 1900 it took film pioneer Georges Méliès hours cutting and pasting to conjure up six doppelgangers on the silver screen. Nowadays, we manufacture multiple online identities on Facebook, Instagram or Tinder, and Anderlecht football club makes a remarkable transfer by signing a professional esports gamer. Besides the magical aspects of this contemporary wonderland, Nadar also explore its jet-black dark side...… Read more

  • LOD muziektheater, Josse De Pauw, Koenraad Tinel & Frederik Neyrinck

    According to legend, L'Inconnue de la Seine was an unidentified young woman who drowned in that Parisian river. A plaster cast was made of her smile, but no one ever discovered her identity. L'Inconnue soon became a mythical figure, reinvented time and again by different artists. Composer Frederik Neyrinck, librettist Sabryna Pierre and director Nathalie Teirlinck also felt the attraction of this drowned muse. Masks, doppelgangers and water in a gripping libretto that flows between dream and consciousness, between fantasy literature and thriller.… Read more

  • Muziektheater Transparant & Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse

    In Calamity/Billy legendary heroine Calamity Jane and notorious outlaw Billy the Kid are brought back to life in an unusual and intimate way. Jane is resurrected through fragmented stories, secrets and excerpts from letters. Billy is raised through eyewitness accounts, newspaper articles, photographs and the breathtaking poetry of Michael Ondaatje. Their stories only flirt with the truth, but thanks to the sepia tones and rebellious lyricism of ‘European minimalist’ Gavin Bryars and his teacher Ben Johnston, they seem even more real than our childhood memories. … Read more

  • Concert trail with Frederik Neyrinck

    What if the Burg became a church square again? And what if that church didn’t consist of stone, but of sound? Season composer Frederik Neyrinck accepts the challenge and expands and manipulates Obrecht’s Missa de Sancto Donatiano into a new work for soloists, ensembles, orchestras and choirs from Bruges and its wider environs. Follow the trail of his music to various indoor and outdoor locations, with a grand finale at the Burg. Donaas lives!… Read more

  • Mahler. Symphony no. 4

    In Des Knaben Wunderhorn, a collection of hundreds of German folk songs, Mahler found almost everything that touched his soul: love of nature, deep piety and the sorrow of death and parting. But the exuberant scenes of soldierly drumming and eccentric humour also appealed to him. In his Fourth Symphony, the melodies twine like a vine around the Wunderhorn lied Das himmlische Leben, a captivating vision of a heavenly feast. … Read more