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Concertgebouw Brugge

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From Fri 08.12.17
  • Vania Vaneau

    Via trance and multiple metamorphoses, choreographer Vania Vaneau and guitarist Simon Dijoud examine which mental and physical layers define an individual. Each person embodies a range of characteristics, just as white light is composed of all the colours. Blanc is reminiscent of pagan and shamanistic rituals and evokes the atmosphere of an intense and secret ceremony.… Read more

  • Film with live soundtrack by Cercueil

    Puce Moment is a project realised by Nicolas Devos and Pénélope Michel, the founders of French electro-pop group Cercueil. Their visual and sensory approach delivers compelling performances with music, image and narrative. They have composed original soundtracks for several feature films, documentaries and cine-concerts. Since 2012 they have been touring Europe, playing their completely reworked soundtrack to David Lynch’s 1977 cult film Eraserhead. … Read more

  • Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon

    In The Second Detail renowned choreographer William Forsythe reconstructs the classical (ballet) canon. He does this by fragmenting not only the dance, but also the light, space and sound. The recent works of the Italian Sciarroni – the second choreographer in this diptych – are inspired by surprising physical actions: Bavarian folk dancing, juggling, or handball being played by the blind. This time he has the dancers of the renowned French ballet spin around their own axis and thus literally takes us for a wild spin.… Read more

  • Sorour Darabi

    What if you come from a neutral world and everything suddenly has a gender? Farsi, Sorour Darabi's mother tongue, has no grammatical gender system. Grammatically, it makes no difference whether a man or a woman is speaking. But since Darabi moved to France, he/she has lived in a world in which everything is literally male or female. In Farci.e this Iranian dancer opens up and explores this quandary in an intriguing and personal performance.… Read more

  • Mor Demer

    Oscillations is a joint universe of solitude, a performance for three bodies becoming a collective body that is excessively human, and as such, never fully human. Expanding upon Demer’s ongoing artistic research into human's processes of partnership, attachment and transformation, Oscillations offers us a proposal to inhabit fresh expressions of cohabitation, intimacy, affect and affection. Somehow we’re alive at the same time.… Read more

  • Marlene Monteiro Freitas

    Marlene Monteiro Freitas is a sensation in the international dance world. Her phenomenal stamina and unique movement language – grace of her Cape Verdean roots - make her an exceptionally bold and audacious choreographer. Striking in her work are often the complex and continuous rhythms in music and movement. In Jaguar a pair of tennis players go adrift after their relationship breaks down. … Read more

  • Marco Berrettini

    At fifteen Italian-German choreographer Marco Berrettini was the German disco dancing champion. Since 1986 he has been creating his own, often controversial work: from performances in museums, to video installations, to total concepts... In the internationally acclaimed iFeel2, Berrettini analyses man by having his dancers repeat the same theme again and again, like bare-chested marathon runners. The bizarre silvery bushes, bluish twilight and exhilarating music make this duet a surprising trip.… Read more

  • Latifa Laâbissi

    Eccentric French dancer-choreographer Latifa Laâbissi is a product of the Merce Cunningham school, and has danced with, among others, Boris Charmatz. Her Adieu et Merci is a tribute to a ritual that actually reappears after every performance: the adieu – the bow. In this solo work, stage designer Nadia Lauro moves a magnificent purple curtain. The interaction between this colourful 'living' décor and Laâbissi's heart-warming greetings transform the stage into an impressive tableau vivant.… Read more

  • Batsheva Dance Company

    Gaga is a form of movement with no fixed patterns, developed by Ohad Naharin, artistic director of the Batsheva Dance Company. Gaga helps the dancer to build up flexibility, strength and endurance. This allows the dancer to unleash the potential of his or her body, learn to move instinctively and gain insight into conscious and unconscious movement. Imagination and the opening up of the senses play an important part in this.… Read more

  • Ohad Naharin & Batsheva Dance Company

    Ohad Naharin, choreographer of the trend-setting Israeli Batsheva Dance Company, trained actress Natalie Portman for her ballet role in the film Black Swan. The New York Times called him ‘one of the most fascinating dance makers on this planet’. His choreographies are described as sensual, evocative, compelling and moving. Identity, conflict and survival are his favourite themes. Last Work is a performance about people who are ‘different’, individuals standing out from the unity of the group.… Read more

  • Vincent Dupont

    The work of the French choreographer and theatre maker Vincent Dupont has an intensity that lingers. In the solo work Hauts cris (miniature), he evokes an oppressive atmosphere that makes loneliness physically tangible through an ingenious interplay of light, scenography and sound. It is the danced response to Tragiques, a poem by 16th-century writer Agrippa d'Aubigné about the massacres during the Wars of Religion.… Read more

  • CCN Ballet de Lorraine

    Flemish-Swiss Cindy Van Acker opens this exciting double bill with her ELEMENTS I - Room, a dance performance that revolves entirely around the idea of limitations. It is the first of a series of pieces that Van Acker intends to devote to the geometric principles of Greek mathematician Euclid. For his piece, leading Spanish choreographer Marcos Morau drew his inspiration from surrealist Luis Buñuel and his fondness for dreams, social criticism and the traditional Spanish folk drum.… Read more

  • Christian Rizzo / ICI – CCN Montpellier

    In D'à côté three unidentified creatures undergo metamorphosis in a moving landscape. Dancers and strange creatures enter into a dialogue with light and sound and invite each other into their own universe. After his dance trilogy D’après une histoire vraie (2013), Ad Noctum (2015) and Le syndrome Ian (2016), choreographer Christian Rizzo wants D'à coté to encourage everyone - regardless of their age - to extend their horizons and fantasise about a magical dream world.… Read more

  • Look at and listen to photography

    On 21 December and 21 June - when day and night become opposites, the one the shortest, the other the longest - we present two deluxe editions of the photo evenings organised throughout the year in Flanders. Host Anna Luyten presents top photographers and up-and-coming talent in a sparkling cocktail of image, word and music. Topping the bill is supertalented Dutch photographer Ad van Denderen, an éminence grise in the photography world. He’ll tell us all about his project Stone. Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer will present his latest book and exhibition, about North Korea. American photographer Tomas Van Houtryve, a member of the VII Photo agency, will talk about his project Blue Sky Days. Up-and coming talent Zoë Parton will talk about her series Sofie. Eric Rinckhout will present the newly opened exhibition Ecce Homo. And of course there will also be wonderful music.… Read more