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Concertgebouw Brugge

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From Sat 11.11.17
  • Britten. War Requiem

    A cathedral of sound, that’s the very least one can say about Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem. This large-scale work for two orchestras, two choirs, organ and vocal soloists was performed for the first time at the consecration of the new Coventry Cathedral, built after the original had been destroyed in a World War II bombing raid. With this gigantic ‘sound machine’, Britten generates waves of sound that overwhelm the listener, heightening the effect of the subsequent deeply-touching poetic scenes that turn the listener’s gaze inward. Also deeply affecting is the way Britten intersperses the timeless Latin Requiem Mass with Wilfred Owen’s poignant war poetry. This World-War-I poet-soldier knew like no other how to capture the horrors of the trenches in frank, hard-hitting verse. Poetry that carries the stench of that mud, set in counterpoint to the refined chants of the funeral liturgy: there could be no more heartrending cry for lasting peace!… Read more

  • Lecture-performance

    Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Zyklus is now seen as a milestone of contemporary percussion. Not just because of its use of graphic notation, but also because of the large number of instruments it requires and because of its revolutionary compositional technique. Tom De Cock plays the work for us twice and meanwhile illuminates all of its secrets. Without doubt, the result will be two completely different and enlightening listening experiences.… Read more

  • Listening course

    Oratorios, cantatas, arias, Masses: almost half of Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions are vocal works. Not a note too many, every voice equally interesting: that’s what makes Bach's music so unique. August De Groote scrutinises Bach’s magnificent vocal oeuvre, focussing in particular on Bach's masterly Magnificat. In this commemorative year for the Reformation, he also considers the influence of Lutheran chorales on Bach's work.… Read more

  • Erewhon. Symphony for percussion and visuals

    In Brehon - Hugues Dufourt’s symphony for six percussionists and as many as 150 percussion instruments - the composer describes the birth and transformation of sound: waves, streams, shimmers, vibrations, turbulences... Saharan drums, Turkish cymbals and Thai gongs create an imaginary landscape à la Edgar Allan Poe. Six Royal Conservatory percussionists accept the challenge of bringing this marvellous tour de force back to life 51 years after its premiere. Media Arts students from KASK add visuals to this gem, via video projections.… Read more

  • Rianto & Nani Topeng Losari Cirebon

    Belgian arts festival Europalia Indonesia visits Bruges with this exceptional double bill. In his home region, Javanese dancer Rianto learnt the cross-gender lengger dance from old masters. For his solo Medium, he collaborates with leading Indonesian filmmaker Garin Nugroho and with percussionist/vocalist Cahwati. In the second part of the evening, an impressive gamelan - an ensemble composed primarily of traditional Javanese percussion instruments – accompanies the Topena Cirebon, a typical graceful mask dance from West Java.… Read more

  • Percussion versus electronics

    Each technological advance extends human capabilities, but is also, simultaneously, an amputation. In their new works for percussion and electronics, Wim Henderickx and Serge Verstockt play with this duality. From a gentle but unsettling rustling in a pitch dark concert hall, to ecstatic drum 'n' bass and breathtaking sound fields: in three short concerts percussion and electronic instruments play the leading role. Music that is bound to grab you by the throat.… Read more

  • Virtuoso percussionist Martin Grubinger is coming to Bruges! We can see him at work in the evening, during two fantastic concertos, together with the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra. But there’s more: what about a unique drum band workshop with this grandmaster? Beginners, conservatory students, experienced players… all levels are welcome! This two-hour masterclass starts with a 'Grubingerian' warm-up, followed by some firsthand tips & tricks and the practicing of a new work. In the evening, before the concert, we then get to display our skills to the audience during a showcase.… Read more

  • Bernstein, Prokofiev, Eötvös & Tan Dun

    Before Austrian Martin Grubinger arrived on the scene, percussionists stood at the rear of the orchestra. Now composers such as Tan Dun and Peter Eötvös write works for them. Dun’s Tears of Nature seems to have been written for a multi-armed octopus. Eötvös also pushes the soloist to extremes. Both are right up the street of percussion acrobat Martin Grubinger. Rarely have we seen such staggering virtuosity.… Read more

  • Koen Plaetinck & Miyoune Kim

    Would Bach turn in his grave at the thought of his music being played on a modern instrument like the marimba? We don’t know. Probably not. Bach also liked to experiment with unusual instruments. Koen Plaetinck plays Bach’s work on the marimba. And because four mallets aren’t enough for the Goldberg Variations, he is aided in this by Miyoune Kim. With thirty variations, the aria has something for everyone: dazzling virtuosity alternating with ingenious counterpoint, hushed moments set off by technical tours de force.… Read more

  • Femke & Lander Gyselinck

    Brother and sister Gyselinck clearly have artistic blood: he is a drummer and she is a dancer. But for the creation of their first joint performance, they’ve decided to switch jobs. Using a number of Jennifer Lopez songs – a shared passion – as their basis, they create a dance performance with live music: he dances, she makes the music. … Read more

  • Xenakis, Bach, Cage & Morales Murguia

    The rhythmic, almost tribal drive of Xenakis's Rebonds makes its performance an almost abstract ritual. That same tempestuous thrust also resounds in the fugue from Bach's Violin Sonata no. 1. Percussionist Aya Suzuki counters this with poetry and contemplation. John Cage’s Dream rocks us in a restless ocean of rolling reveries in trance. The two works by Morales Murguia let us sink completely into a musical dreamscape.… Read more