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Concertgebouw Brugge

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From Fri 01.01.16
  • in concert

    Japanese mezzosoprano Tomoko Hayakawa and French pianist Alexis Dubroca invite you to immerse yourself in a rich repertoire of opera and piano solo music during a unique, oneoff performance.Tomoko has a very special bond with Belgium, and particularly the region of West Flanders, for it was her home for a year in 1998-1999. After having gained years of experience on the Japanese, Dutch and French opera stages, it is now a dream come true for her to give a concert in Brugge with internationally renowned Alexis. The duo will play a selection of German, English and French opera pieces. One of the highlights is Frauenliebe und -Leben from Robert Schumann. Alexis will also perform solo pieces by Chopin, Debussy, Satie and Poulenc. Each of these works evokes a unique atmosphere, enhanced by Alexis's colourful piano playing and Tomoko’s huge voice. The entertaining interaction the singer manages to establish with her audience makes for intense enjoyment.… Read more

    Ook in het concertgebouw
  • Brussels Philharmonic & Anneleen Lenaerts

    For several years Flemish harpist Anneleen Lenaerts has graced millions of TV screens with the Vienna Philharmonic on New Year’s Day. This year she is our guest in the Concertgebouw, alongside the Brussels Philharmonic. Lenaerts starts with the Adagio from Joaquin Rodrigo’s immensely popular Concierto di Aranjuez. In this concerto, the blind composer wanted to evoke the atmosphere of the palace gardens in the days of the Bourbon kings: an idealised Spain with the scent of magnolias, birdsong and the gushing of fountains. The beautiful, relaxed melody, softly build upon by the strings, is the perfect beginning to 2016. Following yearly tradition, there will also be no lack of waltzes and polkas by the uncrowned king of the Viennese waltz Johann Strauss jnr. in this sparkling start to the year. After the concert, Concertgebouw Brugge and the Mayor of Bruges, invite you to toast the New Year. … Read more

  • International choral music star

    In recent years composer Eric Whitacre has become one of the most captivating and charismatic people in the choral world. He is internationally acclaimed for his magical compositions. His music moves and stirs and speaks to his audience in a most affecting way. One critic wrote: ‘What is so remarkable about his music is that, because of its honesty, optimism and purity, it goes straight to your heart, with unprecedented accuracy.’ Whitacre is also known for his ‘virtual choir’, a project that brings together 186 singers from 12 different countries online. With millions of hits on the Internet, this project is clearly more than just a passing fad. Conducted by the composer himself, the Flemish Radio Choir perform a selection of his work, with in pride of place his 5 Hebrew Love Songs. Your chance to experience Whitacre’s flawless timing and great feeling for expression and ecstasy.… Read more

  • Beethoven & von Weber

    If ever a musical motif has taken on a life of its own, then it is the opening bars of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Thinkers of every description detect the most mystical significance in it: from death announcing itself, to a reflection on the human condition. Strangely enough, Beethoven’s contemporaries were actually more impressed by the jubilant finale - full of pure positivity - than they were by those first four ominous notes. Beethoven’s patent on drama is also apparent in his overture to Egmont, in which Goethe touches upon the Dutch fight for independence, a theme close to Beethoven’s own political preoccupations. For Weber’s virtuoso Second Clarinet Concerto, house orchestra Anima Eterna Brugge call upon talent from their own ranks. After her much acclaimed recital with Jos van Immerseel last season, Lisa Shklyaver is sure to do Weber’s extremely difficult solo part full justice.… Read more

  • Opera Vlaanderen, HETPALEIS & I Solisti del Vento

    In the urban opera Babel we get to know the metropolis of the 21st century: a city where nobody understands anybody else, but everybody would like to; a place that is constantly being reinvented. Its citizens babble away in Babelish; they argue passionately in Babelish, love in Babelish… In Babelish they become dreamers, heroes and even gods. In Babelish Babel reaches to the sky in the daytime and the stars at night. Babel is a touching, musical, family performance that takes us into a world full of wonder, discovery and confusion; a world in which friendships are forged, love is celebrated and where ups and downs go hand in hand. Babel is delightful moment of discovery for children who are slowly but surely exchanging the safe warmth of the family for the Big Wide World – with all the confusion and amazement that entails.… Read more

  • Fiorini-Bach

    This evening, as a prelude to Bach Academy Bruges 2016, Bach not only unites two fantastic pianists, but also two worlds. In De Werf, Fabian Fiorini and Stephane Ginsburgh cross their proverbial swords, the first drawn from the jazz world, the second from that of contemporary classical. The basis of this brand-new project is variation technique, given free rein here by Fiorini on a number of preludes and fugues from The Well-Tempered Clavier. Expect an exciting evening that takes you from pure Bach to the musical essence of the Baroque composer, seen through a modern lens.… Read more

  • Mal Pelo / María Muñoz

    As cofounder of the Catalan dance company Mal Pelo, María Muñoz is one of the most respected personalities in Spanish contemporary dance. During Bach Academy Bruges, her internationally acclaimed solo performance Bach will be given its Belgian premiere. To the sound of Glenn Gould’s recording of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, María Muñoz draws us into a series of concentrated efforts to capture the music in dance. With interiorised dedication to pure movement, she brings together body, dance and music in a highly intriguing way. Dancing on the verge of fragile trance and adding lustre to the piece with her superlative stage presence, Muñoz interprets the score’s sprightly notes as if her body were simply one more element of the stave.… Read more

  • Buxtehude. Membra Jesu nostri

    Feet, knees, hands, side, chest, heart and face: in Membra Jesu nostri Dieterich Buxtehude contemplates seven different parts, of Christ's crucified body. This magnificent, meditative passion piece provides the perfect opening for a Bach Academy Bruges dedicated to one of Bach’s great examples. It reveals Buxtehude and the early Baroque at their most beautiful and most intimate, raw sonority next to heavenly bliss. And don’t forget: throughout the week you can witness the creation process during Collegium Vocale Gent’s open rehearsals!… Read more

  • Bach 1

    After Buxtehude’s vocal contemplation Membra Jesu nostri, you can enjoy the delights of harpsichord duo Skip Sempé and Olivier Fortin, who are now familiar friends at the Concertgebouw. Their sparkling recital in the late evening revolves around arrangements, not only of Bach’s music, but also of works that paved Bach’s way. You’ll hear, among other things, Bach concertos in a unique arrangement and works from Vivaldi and Marcello. Two brilliant and perfectly attuned musicians at the keyboard, a meeting you mustn’t miss.… Read more

  • Bach Close-up

    New in Bach Academy Bruges: the Bach Close-up. In this interactive lecture-performance, Bach fanatic and gifted speaker Ignace Bossuyt and the musicians of BachPlus analyse one of Bach’s most beautiful cantatas, Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit. Because this piece is a very early cantata, still greatly influenced by its predecessors, it fits in perfectly with the Buxtehude theme of the festival. Live-played music examples help you to discover what makes this cantata so special, so you can afterwards fully enjoy a complete performance.… Read more

  • Bach, before and after

    After five editions in the Our Lady of the Blind Chapel, Bach Academy Bruges moves for the first time to St. Walburga’s Church. There Bernard Foccroulle – who has complete recordings of Bach’s and Buxtehude’s organ works among his many achievements - plays Cacheux’s historic instrument from 1735. The programme promises us a colourful selection: from the early German organ school with Scheidemann and Weckmann to Foccroulle’s own compositions, such as A Tribute to Buxtehude. From the Thomas Cantor himself we hear the famous ‘Dorian’ Toccata and Fugue and a choral arrangement from Clavier-Übung III, ‘the German Organ Mass’.… Read more

  • Bach 2

    Arrangements are far from a new phenomenon. Even Bach liked to arrange the music of composers he admired, such as Vivaldi and Buxtehude. There is no objection then to five members of the Collegium Vocale Gent orchestra doing the same to the music of the two stars of this Bach Academy. These arrangements give us a fresh take on the timeless music of Bach and Buxtehude.… Read more